Ripples in the Dunes – Holiday Memories That Endure

Ripples in the Dunes – Holiday Memories That Endure

Take a moment to imagine your next vacation. Resist the temptation to mentally list a myriad of reasons as to why  “right now is not the best time” to be thinking of such frivolous notions. You’re a person. You’re alive and while you’re still able to breathe, to feel and to dream, you owe it to yourself to take a moment to just relax.  And believe or not, we’re here to offer you a glimpse into one of many possible futures for you. Comfort, relaxation and elegance could be yours in the form of Wolwedans. Wide open landscapes, mesmerizing sunsets, attentive staff, professional service and gourmet desert cuisine are just part and parcel of the incredible tented facility in the southern part of Namibia.


Located within the NamibRand Nature Reserve, and part of the Wolwedans Collection, Wolwedans is the perfect culmination of an environmentally-conscience ethos combined with impeccable style and charm. The striking facility is surrounded by the endless plains of the world’s oldest desert. Uniquely positioned between meandering red dunes and the Losberg mountains in the distance, it exudes a certain magical quality. The seemingly paradoxical contrast of vast open spaces juxtaposed to one of man’s finest architectural feats simply adds to the allure of Wolwedans.


After an informative desert drive, you can while away the hours in a refreshingly cool swimming pool. The delicious aromas of dinner will lure you to the dining area as night time approaches. Later, you can unwind in the lounge and take your pick of books from our distinguished private library or simply enjoy the pampering that awaits you in your spacious bed.

Wolwedans is beckoning, hear the call.

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Call: + 264 – 61 – 230 616