The Mystical Allure of Mowani Mountain Camp

The Mystical Allure of Mowani Mountain Camp

An Extraordinary Namibian Gem

Mowani Mountain Camp is anything but ordinary. How could it be with its roots embedded in Namibia’s Damaraland in the wild vastness that is the Twyfelfontein conservancy? The magical landscape there is home to the protected, southern-most roaming ground of the black rhino and elusive desert elephant. Another of its wonders is the ancient rock art site where the walls tell stories of man and beast that roamed the wilderness there so many moons ago.


An Extraordinary Sighting:

The wildlife that rule over the Twyfelfontein domain are incredible in their own right and just the other day guests and staff at camp were awe-struck by a very lucky sighting. They witnessed a resident leopard on a successful hunt.

Mowani shared the photos of the monumental event with fans on their Facebook page. They fittingly captioned it: “A fantastic spectacle of the resident leopard taking a Springbok during lunch today.”




An Extraordinary Camp

It’s impossible to compete with the magic of the Damaraland setting, but Mowani Camp doesn’t try to. Instead, the mountain camp melds in with the natural environment there, complimenting it and letting guests feel completely part of it. Atelier Africa described it to perfection:

“Mowani is named after the local word M’wane, meaning “a place of God”. That is exactly how you feel when you arrive here. Driving in between the giant granite boulders it takes a while before you spot the lodge and you started to feel very small amongst the magnitude of the nature around you. All 15 thatched suites, including 3 luxury suites blend in seamlessly with the surroundings. The dome-shaped roofs resemble the curves of the rock boulders but also provide a cool refuge from the harsh desert that forms Damaraland.”


An Extraordinary Setting

The Twyfelfontein conservancy is protected and a UNESCO heritage site. This reason revolves around the rock art site found which is truly amazing and the need to cherish it and keep it undamaged so that future generations can experience the wonder of it is recognised by all.


This untouched, natural haven of the conservancy makes for a photographer’s dream too. In the beginning of this year, photographer Sybrand Cillié captured the moments of a beautiful wedding at Mowani Camp. They are strikingly powerful photographs. He has them showcased on his website and his images truly do give justice to that incredible setting that is the Damaraland. It’s a very special place to get married, and a very special place to photograph.


Photo credit: Sybrand Cillié’

See Sybrand Cillié’s full gallery on his site.

It is simply and extraordinary environment to lose yourself in and Mowani is an outstanding camp to enjoy every Damaraland moment from.


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